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Ayahuasca Transformation Retreat 1 day

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Ayahuasca Transformation Retreat 1 day

In this grand retreat, New patients have the possibility to connect with their inside world, with a spiritual world that may surprise them to change their way of thinking about the world and about themselves. In this hard process, which requires a great will, because the ceremonies are not easy Tha ayahuasca ceremony is process that need a proper preparation to face our dark side and face sensations not yet experienced and at the end throw up  it in the vomit, but after de ceremony people Will have a spiritual cleansing and a time of reflection that will allow them to redirect their course and analyze the visions that are in themselves messages that the ayahuasca mother has sent to them.


Ceremony leaded by Masters Shamans (Andean / Amazonian).
The ayahuasca ceremony will be supervised by a qualified nurse.
During your stay in our center, you will have the presence of a bilingual coordinator who will guide you throughout the process.
Reading ceremony with Coca leaves (diagnosis of current situation)
Ceremony of Blossoming and spiritual cleansing (to remove the negative energy of our being and replace it with positive energy)
Ceremony of permission and Integration to the shamanic spiritual world
1 intense sessions of Ayahuasca.
Ceremony of offering of gratitude to Pacha mama or Mother Nature.
Basic medical examination will be carried out before and after the ayahuasca ceremony, to ensure your fitness.
Transportation to the retreat center round trip from Cusco.


Day 1

08:00 Transfer from your hotel to the retreat center
09:00 Installation and recognition of the retreat center.
10:30 Presentation and introduction to retreat with master shamans and recommendations for retreat.
11:00 Ceremony of integration to the spiritual world
11:40 Spiritual reading with coca leaves (individual diagnosis).
12:30 Ceremony of flowering and cleaning of bad energies.
13:00 Medical examination before the ceremony
13:30 First ceremony of Ayahuasca
17:30 Offering of gratitude ceremony to the Pachamama or Mother Nature
18:00 Transportation back to Cusco


N° People 1 person 2 people 3 people more people
Price Per Person 330$ USD 250$ USD 220$ USD 200$ USD
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