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We offer an option of collaboration in the case that you want to participate in our retreats, tours, workshops, and accommodation but do not have a high budget.  Below are some possible methods of collaboration, and we are also open to hearing other offers according to your skills: Audiovisual projects…

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What does Thani mean? Thani is a Quechua word that means health. We deeply respect our ancestral culture and its language, and that is why we have chosen this name for our retreat center. Why choose our retreat center? In THANI AYAHUASCA RETREAT we use a set of ancestral healing techniques from…

methods of payment

Our prices don’t includes transfer bank taxes, or any other expenses. you are able to make a online payment using our paypal account: you are able to make payments making a deposit in wester Union: Money deposit through Western Union Bank: WESTERN UNION Name: Yesica Huaracha Chuctaya Office: Tambo Real S/N, Anta When…

Benefits of our Ayahuasca Retreats

This powerful plant provided by the nature transmitted from generation to generation to help to people to heal internal pains. Our retreat based in care and love cleans bad energies, It  release stress, depression, and the negative emotional burdens of body, mind and spirit. you will be able to find the way that how you…