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Wachuma retreat meeting with the mother earth 1 Day

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Wachuma retreat meeting with the mother earth 1 Day

Ancestral Ceremony created for people who need to reconnect with their spiritual world, with nature (Pachamama), which you can enjoy in its maximum harmony and perfection, you can make connection with its surroundings and the beauty of nature and history.

This retreat allows people to perceive nature from other perspectives away from ideologies and parameters, away from the technology and noises of society.


All Our Ceremonies are performed by Native Shaman Teachers.
The retreat will be authorized after a medical evaluation performed by our nurse.
During your stay in our center, you will have the presence of a bilingual coordinator who will guide  you throughout the process.
Reading ceremony with Coca leaves (diagnosis of current situation)
Ceremony of Blossoming and spiritual cleansing (to remove the negative energy of our being and replace it with positive energy)
Ceremony of permission and Integration to the shamanic spiritual world
1 intense sessions of Wachuma (San Pedro).
Ceremony of offering of gratitude to Pacha mama or Mother Nature.
Individual consultations with the shamans to discuss experiences, interpret the visions, feelings and the process of their healing.
Transportation to the retreat center round trip from Cusco.


1st day

08:00 – Transfer from your hotel to Pisaq retreat center.
09:00 – Installation and recognition of rooms and retreat center.
09:30 – Permission Ceremony and Integration into the spiritual world.
10:00 – Spiritual reading ceremony with coca leaves (individual diagnosis).
10:30 – Ceremony of flowering and cleaning of bad energies.
11:00 – Time of rest and preparation.
12:00 – San Pedro Ceremony (Wachuma brew)
17:00 – Conversation about the visions and sensations of the Wachuma ceremony.
18:00 – Light food to recover energies.


N° People 1 person 2 people 3 people more people
Price Per Person 330$ USD 250$ USD 210$ USD 200$ USD
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